Diversified Education Services was established in 2014 to provide alternatives to incarceration for pre and post sentenced low risk offenders.  As a result of increasing rates of recidivism, jail overcrowding, and the increasing costs for incarceration, the Directors of Diversified Educations Services focused on the development of educational programs with rehabilitation as its goal.

In 1987 under the name of Sentencing Concepts Inc. our company began participating in Juvenile Alternative Programs utilizing the above philosophy by providing diversion programs for minors who have a family structure already in place. Sentencing Concepts also was one of the first companies in Orange County to provide a full menu of Alternative Sentencing options for adults and juvniles in the Criminal Justice environment. These options included : Electronic Monitoring ,Drug & Alcohol Testing with the PharmChem Drug Patch, Domestic Violence Counseling Programs, Substance Abuse Counseling, PC 1000 and a myriad of programs that continued to provide options to the offenders not only in Orange County but in Santa Barbara County and in Stockton, California.Sentencing Concepts Inc. was sold in 2000 to Correctional Systems Inc.

In 2004, with the encouragement of the Orange County Judiciary , and with the need arising for more available Alternative Sentencing options; A new company (Diversified Monitoring Systems) was formed to provide Alcohol Testing through the use of Secured Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring. A relationship was formed with Alcohol Monitoring, Inc. in Denver Colorado the provider of the SCRAM product. DMS also included education and counseling classes in conjunction with the monitoring.

In 2008 the education programs had continued success at Santa Ana College for both Adult and Juvenile diversion programs under Adult and Adolescent Alternative and was successful for 8 years in providing Deferred Entry of Judgments classes for the Orange County District Attorney. . In 2016 the classes joined the digital age by becoming an On-line Academy servings the Criminal Justice Community in every Jurisdiction throughout the United States.

Patricia A. Verwiel, M.A., the owner and developer of Diversified Education Services, is a UC Irvine graduate in Social Ecology with a Masters in Human Behavior from National University. She had been the sole proprietor of Sentencing Concepts, Inc. and Diversified Monitoring Systems,LL C, until their sale.

Ms. Verwiel has provided Alternative Sentencing options to the Orange County, California Criminal Justice Community for the past 30 years. Among these options have been several classes which were taught at Saddleback Community College and are currently being taught at Santa Ana Community College. These classes are specific to pre and post sentenced offenders and are now available in digital form as on-line classes at