Defining Tolerance:

  • Tolerance is the natural or acquired ability to endure large or increasing amounts of a specified substance.
  • Tolerance can increase gradually over a period of years, even months. The development of tolerance may vary from person to person depending on an individuals biological make-up and/or genetic predisposition.

Defining BAC

  • An individuals BAC refers to the Blood Alcohol Concentration of the amount of concentrated alcohol in ones blood.
  • There are five factors that effect BAC
  1. How much you weigh
  2. How fast you drink
  3. How much you drink
  4. How many hours you’ve been drinking
  5. Whether there is any food or other beverage in your stomach


1 to 2 drinks in  one hour .02% to .06% Association Area of cerebrum Reason, Judgement Dizziness, less inhibited behavior, over estimation of skills, less sound judgement, slower reaction time.
3 to 5 drinks in one hour .06% to 10% Entire Cerebrum Reason, Judgement, Senses, Motor, Coordination, Vision, Speech Slurring of Speech, blurring of vision, loss of coordination(including those skills needed for driving)
5 to 7 drinks in one hour .12% to .15% Entire Cerebrum Reason, Judgment, Senses, Motor, Coordination, Vision, Speech, Hearing  

Double vision, drowsiness, loss of balance, clumsiness


8-10 drinks in one hour .30% to .40% Limbic System All of the above functions plus: Respiration, Heart Rate  

 Deep Sleep, Coma




Patricia A. Verwiel,M.A. the founder and Executive Director of Diversified Education Services, is a UC Irvine graduate in Social Ecology with a Masters in Human Behavior from National University. She had been the sole proprietor of Sentencing Concepts, Inc. and Diversified Monitoring Systems,LLC, until their sale. Ms. Verwiel has provided Alternative Sentencing options to the Orange County, California Criminal Justice Community for the past 30 years. Among these options have been several classes which were taught at Saddleback Community College and are currently being taught at Santa Ana Community College. These classes are specific to pre and post sentenced offenders and are now available in digital form as on-line classes at