Alcohol & Drug Awareness III ~ Behavior Modification

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Welcome Student

Author: Patricia Verwiel

Welcome to Diversified Education Services on-line classes. Please note that you MUST read all written materials, watch in their entirety each of the included videos, and score 80% or higher on all quizzes to be eligible to receive a Diversified Education Services issued Certificate of Completion. Please note, Diversified Education Services reserves the right to deny a [...]

Communication Skills 1

Author: Patricia VerwielComplexity: Standard

OBJECTIVE: To allow the participant a better understanding of positive communication skills and to give the individual the tools to acquire these skills. The topics below are some of the barriers to communication such as: PRECONCEIVED IDEAS Throughout the world, the preconceived ideas one may have about another, e.g. speech, understanding, word meaning, are all different. For [...]

Cultural Differences

Author: Patricia Verwiel OBJECTIVE: To increase the participants awareness of cultural differences and how this may effect violent behavior. WHAT IS A CULTURE? Different cultures have different patterns of behavior/ways and norms of living. In the US, what we generally mean by different cultures are foreign cultures and sub-cultures within our larger US community. An example of [...]

Goal Setting

Author: Patricia Verwiel

OBJECTIVE: To help the Student understand why his/her life is important, identify reasons for living. How goal-setting and achievement is a natural, always occurring, human process. UNDERSTANDING GOAL SETTING AS A NATURAL HUMAN FUNCTION Human beings are goal-oriented and goal setting beings by nature the way we move through life is by setting goals and moving towards [...]

Identifying Anger, Resentments & Fear

Author: Patricia Verwiel

OBJECTIVE: To give an understanding of anger and resentment and what these emotions do to Alcoholics/Addicts. To offer ways of dealing with them effectively. To give an understanding of the part fear plays in anger & resentments. NOTE ~ Of all the feelings you experience, anger is perhaps the least understood and the most destructive when left unresolved. UNRESOLVED ANGER [...]

Problem Solving

Author: Patricia Verwiel

OBJECTIVE: This session is to provide the participant with guidance tools to help them develop problem solving skills. Each participant will work through the problem solving steps to use in day to day situations and give them a sense of organization and confidence about their choices. PROBLEM SOLVING STEPS Step One:  Define the Problem ~Put the problem into perspective. [...]

Relapse Prevention

Author: Patricia Verwiel

OBJECTIVE:   Participants will learn the emotional, cognitive, and biological warning signs of relapse.  The participants will also have the opportunity to identify their individual behavioral patterns as related to the relapse warning signs and  the consequences of relapse will be explored. THE RELAPSE SYNDROME AS A PROCESS Relapse is generally viewed as the act of [...]

Risk Factors of Addiction

Author: Patricia Verwiel

OBJECTIVE:  To give the student an understanding of the risks involved with taking drugs. WHAT FACTORS DETERMINE IF A PERSON WILL BECOME ADDICTED? No single factor determines whether a person will become addicted to drugs. The overall risk for addiction is impacted by the biological makeup of the individual - it can even be influenced [...]


Author: Patricia Verwiel

OBJECTIVE: To help the participant understand the concepts of self-esteem and self-image and to recognize positive and negative self-talk.  Also, the participant will have a better understanding of the need to accept compliments and criticism in an appropriate manner. DEFINITION  Self-esteem can best be defined as how one feels about him/herself. Having confidence, satisfaction and [...]

Stress Management

Author: Patricia Verwiel   OBJECTIVE: To assist members in identifying personal stress, learning new coping strategies and effectively managing stress. DEFINITION ~Stress is your reaction to a person, event, problem, or situation. It is what you feel about something. ~People perceive and react differently to things, so they will experience them differently, and not everybody will be [...]