Welcome Students!

Welcome Students to Diversified Education Services On-line Program.

Our classes touch on 12 different components of interventions to help complete life-style changes. You may choose the class that best fit your needs or that of your program referral source ie. Court, School, Police Department, Libraries etc. After you choose your class then pay your fees and follow the prompts to continue.

These classes are divided into sections. Study at you own pace and stop at any time. You may continue where you left off at any time.once you have studied the material, you will be prompted to take a short quiz. You can re-review the material as many times as necessary prior to taking the quiz.

Your certificate is generated at the completion of the class or you may pick up a certificate from Santa Ana Community College on 17th and Bristol in Santa Ana, California.

Our only interest is your success in completing the class……

Patricia A. Verwiel, MA., Director